Our Causes

Our causes

Our causes of charity are many, but when we meet one another’s difficulties for the greater good, it is our common humanity that leads us to unity.”

Educating Children

To provide opportunities for good quality education to all economically disadvantaged children  and youths who have the potential and will to succeed in life through a more organized formal and informal system and by equiping them to become a more productive generation through our Hands-On practical Life Skills Programs.

Goal: $70,000
Raised: $63,000 90%

Youths Livelihood

To help and motivate these children to achieve excellence academically and in all other aspects of their education.We see their needs; we see they need help, and so we rescue them. We bring them to our rehabilitation home, and through that we are helping them physically by providing for their basic needs, we help them emotionally by having family style homes, and finally, we help them spiritually by discipleling the child and teaching them about Jesus

Goal: $70,000
Raised: $63,000 90%

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Encourage your family and friends to Sponsor a Child Did you know that the majority of our sponsorships come from the friends and family of our current partners? Because less than 2% of our annual budget is spent on fundraising, we rely on friends of the ministry to spread the word. Aside from praying for and providing for your child, the greatest gift you can give is sharing our mission!