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Our Strategy

To equip, empower, support and develop the capacity of children, youths and women through holistic education and entrepreneurship programs, to reach and tap into their full potential, breaking the York of vulnerability to a successful and desirable life so as to eradicate poverty in the community.

Our Strategic Objective


We are passionate about working to ensure all children have a safe and happy childhood. We are willing to walk the extra mile to ensure we can reach our goals and carry out our vision and mission.


We take personal responsibility for using our resources efficiently. We respect our donors’ intentions and promote responsible stewardship and accountability of the resources entrusted to us.


We are committed to the highest standards of conduct and ethical practice, which includes personal honesty and behavior. We never compromise our reputation and always act in the best interest of our donors and beneficiaries.


We strive to ensure that all children, regardless of their background or health status, are included, feel loved and given hope. We carry this value into our communities to build an open-minded and inclusive environment for people who are left-out of our society.

Innovation / Creativity

We are open to new ideas, we embrace change, and we take disciplined risks to develop sustainable solutions which continuously improve our work for and with the beneficiaries. We love seeing internal and external growth of our organization and encourage our team to think creatively.

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