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Why IDF?

Immanuel Development Foundation-Uganda (IDF) is a Brian child of Moses Mutongole a former Street Boy and Orphan who truly understands the plight of the "Needy" especially the orphans, youths, women and young mothers among others.

Why IDF In Uganda?

By working in the poorest Communities, Slums and Villages, the Foundation Aims at Empowering  unemployed youths, orphans, school drop outs, abandoned children, young mothers, all people victimized by disasters  and vulnerable children from highly impoverished rural families of Uganda.

Poverty,  Hiv/Aids, natural disasters in Uganda due to climate change, diseases affecting the masses everyday, have not only claimed hundreds of innocent lives of the children/youths and women in Uganda , rather have also caused lasting damages on young minds.
Victims on record are children, youths and young women who have been brutally murdered, defiled, amputated and abused severely due to domestic violence, drug abuse, sacrifices and as a result of natural calamities. 
It was  due to this grim background that IDF was formed not only to help the poorest children survive in this predator world, but also to make greater efforts in meeting the challenges of protecting and harnessing their physical, emotional and intellectual potential.

Besides that, as more young people (Children/Youths) leave school and  the increasing numbers of those who migrate from rural to urban areas, it is becoming harder and harder for young people (Youths) to find jobs to sustain themselves.
At the same time, Potential employers suffer from a lack of suitably trained candidates for their business. Hence, the Unemployment gap continues to grow, while expectations that  the current educational system in Uganda would alleviate these short comings have not materialized.

This is because the current Educational system has three (3) major flaws:

1) Lack of Relevance (Training content and the demand for skills from the labor market do not match), 
2) Poor funding (The cost of training  particularly in formal institutions, is high and Government is unwilling to cover it) and
3) Lack of Equity ( Those  with the greatest need do not have access to and do not benefit from the training).
For this reason, Immanuel Development Foundation was formed  to equip the growing number of school drop outs and unemployed Youths  with  practical skills.

What Makes IDF Special?

Through a careful planning involving the very communities, IDF targets what many other organizations deem unreachable:
Building up a unique structure that would mean much more than a simple Center for those children/youths hailing from highly impoverished rural communities.
Our plan foresees a centre located in Buyala (one of the most destitute villages in Mpigi district) which will combine the finest educational programs achievable with sports, music, dance and drama courses aiming at developing at best children’s talent.
IDF has  several different programs that are designed to help the needy and empower the family. We are going to the streets, to the slums, we are having outreaches and building relationships and through that we are finding the most vulnerable and at-risk children/youths.

Some Of Our Causes

Goal: $38900

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