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No matter the country you are coming from – volunteering is a great opportunity to grow in your personality and abilities You can get to know our work better and will learn a lot about yourself and the work with vulnerable children and communities

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Give us a call or drop by anytime, we will answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.


Note that, Volunteers Become part of the mighty team that works day in day out to Create a lasting Impact on the lives of the Needy today, This can be done in two possible ways:

By traveling to Uganda physically or Working as you feel led from wherever you are as our Fundraising Managers in your church, Family, Organization, School, Communities Or as our Volunteer Coordinator or Board of Trustees in your Country.

People have come to Visit and also to Render a Helping Hand in every way possible. We are so thankful that a lot of things are / will be accomplished and everyone  be blessed, both the School and Orphans and Volunteers themselves

Volunteer Packages

We have space to teach in our Partner schools (Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and Vocational schools), Work in gardens, Look after animals, work with builders, Feed the children and the community, Food planting/gardening, sports, painting cooking working in community clinics/medical outreaches.Other optional off duty responsibilities are:

Counseling(for youth and community), music and drama, sports. experiencing the preparation and the cooking of african dishes, milking cows and many others.Volunteer’s FAQs

QUESTION: 1. How long do you usually receive volunteers?


(a) We usually receive short time volunteers ranging from a few weeks to a few months say two to three months.

(b) We also usually get volunteers that stay for three months to six months and

(c) We have had Volunteers that stay for one whole year. These came from countries like; UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Germany , Ireland and South Africa, among others.

QUESTION:2 . How many Volunteers can we host at a time?


Immanuel Development Foundation, runs it’s work within the local communities and across the country, working with youths,women, the elderly, children, community outreaches/medicals and schools based near the Capital City Kampala and other Regions of the country.

So we have, Full Fun and Service packed packages suitable for all Ages, Individuals, Couples or Groups and make sure it’s like a Bonus Tour package for our Volunteers as they get to see different Communities, Physical features, wild Animals, Bird watching, Visits to Museums, Kings Palaces, National Zoo, Lakes( beach), Rivers like the Source of  River Nile, Water falls, Fishing sites, Art galleries, Theatres, African Art stores, Mountain climbing and Game parks while our Volunteer, serve the communities in need .


We offer Airport Pickup on arrival and drop back on departure day at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda at a small cost of 85 USD only.

We have our Children home, also do Family placement packages on request for those who would love to learn Ugandan cultures, languages, food/dishes preparation etc.

We also deal with local Mission guesst homes Where we can accommodate our Volunteers and Visitors at a Cost of 35 USD or its Equivalent Per Night for bed and breakfast, lunch and supper, Free Wifi Internet Services, a local Sim card if you need one Plus transport costs from the Entebbe International Airport on arrival and back to the airport on departure from the following locations of Aaccommodation.


1) Some Volunteers may choose to go Camping, we have arrangements for Tents of single occupancy, couples and groups all is a secure environment under protection by Armed security operatives in the country. 

We do Camp Fires at Nights good for Story telling both by the Children and Volunteers, Book reading and Children can as well sing songs and at times do dances for our volunteers,  call it: camp fire Entertainment.

2) We receive over 20 volunteers and visitors every year. We expect to receive more than that in the years to come  and our dedicated Staff always longs to warmly receive you at Entebbe Airport in Uganda on arrivals and to take you through our journey of work here. What a blessing it will be to work with you here.

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